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Are you afraid of getting threats from internet to your phone data? Want to get rid from all the malicious attack and virus infection? Here is the best security app available exclusively for Jio SIM users? Download JioSecurity app for android smart device users. JioSecurity apk latest version free available. Get safety for the data stored in your smartphone with high power Jiosecurity application and be tension free.

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Updated On17 August, 2020
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JioSecurity App Review

Who do not want protection from internet threats. All we want to protect all our data in our devices that we are frequently using with internet. For Jio SIM users, Jio has launched awesome security app and is known as Jiosecurity app. All that we want to protect our data from internet and stolen device is integrated with Jiosecurity application.

JioSecurity provide all kind of security from internet as well as from unauthorized local access. Your phone may contain many details such as emails, phone numbers, OTP, messages etc. To provide all in one protection, Jiosecurity app will helps.

What are the protection Given By Jiosecurity app?

Malware scanning:- Scanning your entire phone data to find any hidden malware is there? There are so many applications are available but some of them can only provide full scanning and give the hidden malwares. Here Jiosecurity will scan your mobile phone and identify anonymous malware codes. These malware have the ability to steal your data and cause to damage your phone system. Jiosecurity scan and remove them.

Enable call and SMS blocking:- Jiosecurity app will block unwanted source calls and messages. These calls and the sources are identified by the app, and will block them lifetime.

WiFi security and web security :- Wifi security is given by Jiosecurity. You will be safe when browsing Via wifi network. Get complete security when you are using internet. Your smartphone will no longer under any web threats.

Remote access to your smartphone when device lost:- This is supermost feature. when you have lost your device, you can lock and control your device remotely using MyJio app id and password. Login with MyJio app and password [Download MyJio apk for android] on the stolen phone with a remote computer or device. the lock your phone, apps etc. Also gives you to track device and find it using self care portal.

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App Lock Available:- You need not to rely on any other third party app lock applications to lock the installed apps on your smartphone. Jiosecurity comes with app lock feature to access for authorized users only. So you can save internal space on your device by not installing any other app lock apps.

Link guard:- Nowadays there are many fradulent links are coming to your device Via various ways like text messages, emails etc. While visiting on those links may harm to your device and the stored data. So Jiosecurity have link guard feature to identify the fraudulent links and avoid them. Get complete protection.

Jiosecurity App Features

  • Subscription can use up to 10 devices
  • You can use Jiosecurity app on any other network (Non-jio network) while you have to login with a Jio ID and password.
  • App advisor feature allows you to get advice from the jiosecurity app whether the other apps you are going to install is secure or not.
  • You will get free security guard offers absolutely free when converting jio prepaid to postpaid.

JioSecurity app Login for Jio phone users and non-jio users

jiosecurity app login

Jiosecurity login for Jio users

If you are a Jio SIM user, you can easy to login jiosecurity app using your jio number. Generate OTP using your jio number, and enter the jio number in the box provided. You will get logged in to jiosecurity app and can enjoy the features.

Jio security login for non-jio users

Since Jio allows to use jiosecurity app on non-jio phones using one jio id and password. As we know one jio account can be used to protect up to 10 devices. You need to login with your jio id and password to logged in to other non-jio mobile phones to protect them.


JioSecurity app is the perfect apk package to protect all kind of threats you may face with your smartphone and data stored in it. Always use this security app since the data and the private files on your smartphone may be a big headache one you have lost. Download and install Jio security app now itself and be free mind, not worrying about digital threats.

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