JioSwitch For PC [Windows 10/8/7, Mac] – Smartphone to PC File Transfer Webshare

JioSwitch for PC: Are you looking the efficient way to transfer files to your PC from your smartphone? Here is the most secure and high speed file share application called JioSwitch web share online for PC. Jioswitch to PC sharing works better with windows 10, windows 8, windows 7 and Mac OS. You no longer need a data cable to transfer files to PC from your smartphone and vice versa.

JioSwitch For PC – Windows 10,8,7 OS and webshare

Mainly there are two methods to transfer files between personal computer and a mobile phone. Jioswitch have the features called “share files with PC” to share between PC and mobile phone. And one another method is installing jioswitch apk on your personal computer with android emulator software.

Method 1: Share Files with PC – Jioswitch webshare

jioswitch share files with PC


In this method, JioSwitch app have itself the feature to share files with PC without any wired connection. Use share files with PC function to share files. For this,

open jioswitch app.

Then tap on the menu tab on top right corner. there you can see the option “share files with PC“. Tap on it.

select from two options “send files to computer” and “Receive files from computer” you wish to perform

Then select the files you wish to send or receive

After that, there will create a hotspot to connect between smartphone and your PC


After creating hotspot, you need to go to google chrome web browser on your PC, in address bar enter

jioswitch webshare

Then you will get a window to download files that you are selected on your smartphone using Jioswitch app. Your downloaded files will be seen in the downloads folder in your computer.

Jioswitch webshare properties will works in all the windows PC like windows 7, windows 10, windows 8 etc. there is no operating specific feature. This is using a web browser.

Important Note:- I am highly recommending you to use google chrome web browser for Jioswitch webshare to download files. I can see that mozilla firefox taking too long to respond to and then not connecting.

Method 2: Install JioSwitch for PC with Android Emulators

In this method, we will install Jioswitch apk on an android emulator software on our PC. For this, you need to download and install android emulator software on your computer.

Then follow these steps

  • Open Blustacks or any other android emulator
  • Then tap on google play store and sign in with google id and password.
  • Search on search box with keyword “Jioswitch”
  • Now click on install button to install
  • Then open JIoswitch app and start transferring files between pC and smartphone.


JioSwitch For MAC PC

You can use both Jioswitch PC share feature and android emulator method to transfer files between your mobile smart device and Mac PC. For file transfer between Mac and smart device. i am recommending you to use jioswitch webshare properties. That is very simple and awesome.

How Fast will be Jioswitch PC share?

Jioswitch file share with PC features using the same method as in we transfer files between two smart devices. So here using a personal hotspot to share files. You can enjoy extremely fast file transfer process when using PC share method. I have fund that 20-25MB per second file transfer speed when i transfer very large files from mobile phone to PC. This is super power, and you need not to wait hours to transfer files here.

Frequently asked Questions

Which is the best web browser for File share with PC option?

You can use google chrome web browser without a second thought to receive and send files between your PC and smartphone using Jioswitch app. I found mozilla firefox responds too late when trying to share files.

Is it safe when transferring files using Jioswitch for PC?

when receiving files to PC, you need to take care of the received files storage and protection. There will no any security issue when transferring files with Jioswitch PC version.

I am using android mobile and my PC is on Mac, then is it possible to transfer files between?

Obviously yes, Jioswitch is a cross platform fiel sharing app. You can use between iOS and android, iOS and Mac, Android and Windows etc.

What types of files can i transfer?

You can share any kind of files such as video files, sudio files, images, office files, contacts etc of any size.


If you are planning to have a new phone, and you need all your data in a safe place. Then Jioswitch for PC is the best option. In this, you can select all video files, all audio files, all contacts etc can select and send in one or two clicks. To select all video files, just select videos and send it. So you do not miss any of your files. This is the best option to backup your files on your smartphone.

If you have any issue on transferring files from PC to mobile and vice versa, please comment here your issue, and we will solve it for you.



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