Join Hidden Network Jio Phone – Connect Jio Phone To Hotspot

Do you want your jio phone get connected to WiFi hotspot network? You need to know about join hidden network jio phone feature. Jio mobile phone now can connect to any wofo hotspot network by join hidden network feature where you can enter network SSID and password. After authenticating the username (SSID) and password, your Jio phone can connect WiFi network and enjoy high speed internet.

SSID is the network name and password is unique characters that set to protect from unauthorized network access.

Join Hidden Network Jio Phone

Here in this section, I am going to show you how to connect a Jio phone to a wifi hotspot By join hidden network settings on your Jio mobile phone.

To connect to any hotspot, yo need SSID and password of that network.

Suppose if you want to connect to a hotspot of a smartphone, you need to note the SSID and password set on that smartphone for WiFi network. This is same as applicable in case of any wifi router.

Here is the step by step process how a Jio phone connect to WiFi hotspot

  • Open Jio phone and go to phone settings
  • Then go to wifi settings and turn on WiFi
  • And then navigate to “advanced settings”
  • Then select “Manage Networks” from the menu
  • Now select “Join Hidden network” option
  • There you can see SSID box and security box
  • Enter SSID and password carefully of hotspot network you wish to connect
  • Then select “connect” button to connect to network.

Your Jio phone will automatically connects when the network appears around your Jio phone.

When you enter SSID and password of wifi network, you need to enter the characters as such. you need to enter characters type as such. If character in small letters, it won’t connect when you enter with capital letters.

So it is important that entering SSID and password as such in join hidden network features on your Jio Phone.


This is how you can connect a Jio phone to a wifi hotspot network. If your Jio phone not connecting Wifi network, you need to double check your wifi network, is it available with good strength etc. Some of the old model Jio phone may not have this feature of join hidden network on settings. But now al the latest Jio phones have the feature to connect with Wifi hotspot network. Thus make use of join hidden network jio phone feature to connect your jio phone to wifi network.

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