Port To Jio: How To Port Your Mobile Number To Jio

How to port to Jio? No matter you are using any other service providers number. you can easily join to Jio without changing your old number. You may have given your number to all your friends and families, on govt authorities and don’t want to change your number, and wish to enjoy the Jio service. The mobile number portability was started By TRAI a couple of years ago.

Now you can port your mobile number to Jio very easily.

Now very easy to port and not requires any complicated procedures and don’t want to wait for days to get port to Jio. Here in this post, we are covering the simple steps to port to Jio from any other service providers in India.

This option is very beneficial for all those users they are using the same mobile numbers for years and they want to get connected each and every friends and want to enjoy better network they are belonging in the place. By port to Jio, there is awesome MyJio app you can install on your smartphone and can manage everything that you needed with Jio services.

This method is applicable for any other networks too.

Port To Jio From Other Service Providers

It is easy to port to Jio from other service providers in India. Now Just a toll free call is enough for the porting to Jio. You need not to fill any form to get join in mpto the Jio Family. There are so many reason the other service users to port to Jio. The high quality voice and video call services, high speed internet on 4G, if you configure Jio apn perfectly, you can even improve data speed, network coverage, excellent offers etc.

Jio now simplified the porting procedures. The new comers need not to invest his/her time on the different procedures to come to Jio family. By sending messages, getting code and going to the nearest retail shop etc. Here is the steps how Jio simplifies the porting procedures.

To Port from other networks to Jio, Follow the steps

Just make a call from your number that you want to port to Jio to the number 1800 8899 8899

after making a call you will get a confirmation number to the mobile number saying

“Thank you for your interest in MNP. Our Jio executive will get in touch with you to handle the rest”

In the message saying, The nearest Jio executive will bring a New Jio SIM for you that having the same number as your old service provider number.

The process is not take much time. your Jio service will active immediately and no need to wait for days.

This is absolutely free service. you need not to pay any extra amount for the Jio executive that helping you. You just need to activate Jio plan.

Alternative/Old method to port to Jio – You can use this method too

Now you can port to jio family just by following the old method but still many people using this method suggested by TRAI.

For this, follow the steps.

  1. From the number you want to port sent a message to 1900 in the format, Port<space>Mobile Number<space>1900
  2. After sending the message you will get a code UPC (Unique Porting Code) from a number 1991.
  3. And after receiving the code, you just visit the nearest mobile retail shop along with the upc code and the aadhar card. They will take care of rest of the process.

This is paperless process. you need not to fill any form in order to join to Jio family. This will take 3-5 days in order to complete porting to Jio service.

This method is applicable to port from any service provider to any other service providers.

Final Words: MNP to Jio

You can apply the any of the above mentioned method to join to the Jio Family. If your area having good coverage on Jio network and good speed on internet Jio 4G VoLTE, then you can port to Jio. Jio offers excellent service, cheap and best VoLTE, data network and many useful apps. Using their apps, you can entertain much more. If you have any query related to Mobile number portability to Jio, Just leave a message as comment, we will try to clear your issue.

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