How To Use SD Card In JioFi – Local Storage/WiFi Storage

Do you know we can use SD card in JioFi Router and can access the files. Simply, By inserting Micro SD card in JioFi, we can use JioFi device as a storage device. It’s like we are inserting memory card in a smartphone, Card holder etc and connecting it Via a data cable or Web admin access, we can access the files on SD card.

I will here explain exact how to access files on SD card and manage them using JioFi router.

How To Use SD Card In JioFi Router?

Insert SD Card On JioFi Device

There is SD card slot available on each and every JioFi WiFi router. This is a Micro SD card holder. Open the back cover of the JioFi router, then remove battery. There you can see SD card slot just beneath SIM slot. Insert SD card on the Slot and SIM card on SIM slot. Then insert battery.

sd card slot in jiofi

How To access SD card On JioFi Using a Data Cable?

There are two possible options where you can access SD card and can perform various functions with Files and SD card like file copying, File move, deleting, SD card formatting etc. They are Local access and WiFi access.

JioFi SD card Local storage

JioFi SD local storage is when we are accessing the Files on SD card inserted on JioFi device Via connecting JioFi device to the personal computer using a Data cable. To access file as local stoage, you need to physically connect your JioFi router to computer using a cable. This is somewhat like connecting any external storage devices like pen drive, SD card inserted card holder, external hard disk, connected smartphone etc.

To access Files On SD Card inserted on JioFi, connect your device to computer using a Data cable. Now, go to your PC “my computer” then find the JioFi storage drive and access files from there. You can copy, edit files and can save on your SD card.

JioFi SD Card WiFi storage

You can access files from your SD card which is inserted on JioFi device using WiFi Access. For this, we need to enter the admin dashboard of JioFi device Via http://jiofi.local.html host address

How To Access SD Card In JioFi Using WiFi Storage Access

  • Insert SD card on SD card slot on JioFi device
  • Turn on JioFi device and connect with Your PC Via WiFi network
  • Open any web browser on your PC
  • Enter http://jiofi.local.html and access JioFi admin dashboard
  • Login with JioFi PC Access credential “administrator” as both username and password
  • Then go to settings Tab on top menu bar ad select Storage option from left sidebar

JioFi wifi storage

  • Then click on apply button
  • Now open WiFi disk option you can see in the next tab of settings tab
  • So you will get the page http://jiofi.local.html/sdcard.html

access sd card files on JioFi

  • Now you can access all the files on SD card that you have inserted. You can do all the actions like managing files, copying, moving, cut/paste, create new folder, organize files according to their format etc.

Now you can send files between your SD card and your PC hard disk very simply. Both local and wifi storage can be used according to your easiness.


Hope you have now understand how to use SD card in JioFi wifi router Via wifi and local storage access. This is the best feature where the JioFi wifi device can be used as both modem and Storage device as like any other portable wifi router. JioFi gives special access method Via it’s administrator dashboard which is not available in so many wifi routers available in the market. Via WiFi access you need not to establish a physical connection between your WiFi device and Personal computer.

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