How To Track JioMart Order And Delivery Status Online?

It’s curious to know the movement of the ordered product to you and you can estimate the time it will reach you. Now, you can simply track JioMart orders and know the delivery status online with the official JioMart app and the official website.

Like any other E-commerce online platform, JioMart also has an order tracking feature where you can know the path of your ordered product.

In this post, I am going to show you the status of your JioMart orders Via the application. The application will update the status each and every time when the product reaches different locations.

How to track Jiomart orders and delivery status Online

The JioMart app itself has a special tab to track the orders and the delivery status. First, you need to select the product and add it to the cart. and proceed to pay the amount to place the order. After placing the order, you will get a pop-up message that says “your order has been successfully placed”

After the seller has shipped the product, the My Order tab on the JioMart app will be active and shows the tracking.

track jiomart order online

Tracking JioMart orders as follows

  • Go to the Jiomart app and tap on the menu bar seen in the top right corner of the app
  • On the menu item, you can see the “My orders” tab, tap on the tab
  • There you can see a list of all the orders you have made
  • Select the order, you wish to track online.
  • When selecting the order, you can see the Track order tab.
  • Under the track order tab, there are three live statuses such as “ordered”,” under process”, “shipped” and “delivered”
  • In each step, the status will be visible accordingly.

Expected delivery time

when you have completed orders on JioMart, you will get a message like this

We will try to deliver your order in the next two days, however, due to the current surge in orders it may be delayed further. Our teams will be [in] touch with you regarding your order”.

So you can expect the ordered product next two days if and only if the seller’s location is not far from your location. Delivery time completely depends on the distance between the seller and the customer (You). But, to be frank, delivery time will not take more than 10 days even when you are on one end and the seller’s location is on another end of India.

By knowing the track of the product, you can simply know the estimated delivery date.

How to track Jiomart using Whatsapp

JioMart offers tracking of the product through WhatsApp. If your product is not delivered in an estimated time or date, you can contact them Via Whatsapp and know what happened to your product and the exact date you’ll receive the product.

JioMart’s WhatsApp number is 70003 70003, you can send messages to this number. You’ll get an immediate response and they’ll ask about the product details like the order number, product details, etc.

Contact JioMart customer support Via email regarding any issue related to order tracking.

Simply drop a mail to showing an issue with the status of the product. You should include the order id in your mail. They’ll reply to you as soon as possible and will never take more than 24 hours.

In this method, you can track JioMart orders by order and shipment IDs.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to track Jiomart orders?

You need your order Id number to track orders. when you contact their customer support, you should have your customer id and the order id with you to get details immediately.

what is the expected delivery time of Jiomart orders?

2 days only, in most cases, you will get your orders delivered within 2 days.

How to know if my area is available for Jiomart orders available?

First of all, check whether your area is under their services by entering the PIN code in the box provided in the application. Now, they have access to their service almost all over the country.

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JioMart has a great team for customer support and delivery. Only approved and qualified merchants can be a part of this E-commerce platform so that you can get quality products and services. Jio has its unique rule to becoming the supplier. They should follow the guideline to ship the ordered product in a timely manner so that the customer will get their product as early as possible.

And the delivery partners will update the details of the product so that the user can know the status through the application or web portal.


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