How To Unlock Jio SIM PUK Code In Jio Phone

Learn how to unlock Jio SIM PUK code on Jio phone in simple. If you are a normal Jio phone users, You may experience your Jio phone locked by many reason. If any security issue arise there, your jio phone will get blocked. To unblock, you need 10 digit PUK code. Here in this post, I am going to show you how to unlock Jio sim puk code is step by step process.

If your Jio SIM card is locked, you need to unlock it with a PUK (Personal unblocking Key) code which is a unique 10 digit number provided by the service provider. Jio phone may block in many cases. If there are security issues detected, your Jio phone will get blocked.

Suppose if your mobile phone has been stolen, then you can unblock your jio phone remotely with Jio’s online self help portal. So that when persona having mobile phone needs to enter correct PUK code of Jio SIM to unlock and use it again.

How To Unlock Jio SIM PUK Code in Jio Phone

First step to unlock Your Jio phone is to get personal unblocking key.

How to get PUK Code for Jio Phone

PUK code should be provided by the service provider. her in this case, Your jio phone PUK code is giver By reliance Jio. To get Jio phone PUK code, there are two methods. One is by Jio selfcare portal and another method is by contacting Jio support center directly .

Method 1: Jio selfcare Portal

Open any of web browser on your device and enter Jio lost login web address

Now you will get a page where enter your Jio SIM card number. Then by some verification step like your date of birth details, email address and alternate mobile number. After verification process, you will get your PUK code for Jio SIM card.

Method 2: Contact Jio support center

Call to 1800-889-9999, and you will get connected with Jio support agent. Give them all your details like Jio number, email address, date of birth etc. You will get PUK code to unlock Jio sim card.

Enter PUK Code in Jio Phone

Open Jio phone, and there is a box where it asks PUK code to unlock Jio phone. Enter PUK code correctly on the box and then unlock your Jio phone.

Important notes when entering PUK code on Jio phone

We can set 4 digit PIN to block any unauthorized access on your Jio phone. If you or any other person enter 4 digit PIN number wrong many time, your phone will be locked. Then you need to enter PUK code which is unique for that SIM card. PIN code is managed and modified by user itself, but PUK code is completely controlled by service provider.

When you enter PUK code incorrectly up to 10 times, your SIM will be locked permanently. Then only solution is to replace your sim card. So you should enter each and every digit in PUK code carefully to get unblocking successful.


Hopes this post helps you to get Jio SIM puk code and unlock Jio phone. Always take care of your Jio phone and data. You can use Jio security app to protect your phone and data in it. I am highly recommend you to get your PuK code from Jio self care portal. No waiting time required.

It is our responsibility our Jio phone to be safe and secure. So always take care of your phone and data in it. And in case any security issues detected, You should know all these procedures to recover your phone and data back in secure way.

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