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Today here i am with an interesting topic and that you can copy with your business too. Here i am going to post about the topic what is business model of Jio? Quite interesting?

yes we  know that, Jio is the successful brand in India within very short time period. We all have enjoyed the services and the products of Reliance jio communications and private limited. Now we are going to analyze the business strategy or business model of Reliance Jio.

Before the launch of Jio, we have been there the old mobile network companies like vodafone, idea, airtel, BSNL etc. But what they have provided is just the normal services with a high price. So here is the first point that Reliance jio has succeeded from other competitive brand.

Business Model Of Jio – Unique Selling point (USP)

Why Jio has got these much users within small amount of time. They have applied the formula called unique selling point. All we know that uniqueness will stand out from the crowd. This is very simple as it is. They have provided unique services to all their customers that they haven’t experienced before.

When Jio was launched, the people in india, just started hearing about 4G network. All they have experienced 3G network. But when Jio launched, they have came to the market with the biggest offers that people can’t trust.

Yes, Jio launched by providing the super service with very cheap rate. Since then the 4G network and speed was dream of indian people, But Jio came with all coverage 4G network working under VoLTE and is given for very cheap offer.

Jio have offered 6 months of fully 4G network with unlimited data, voice calls and text messaging for all those new members with one time subscription. Since all other companies are then working under 3G network, the people in India started buying Jio SIM to enjoy free data and voice with Jio SIM.

Many of the people says that they will throw the Jio SIM after the offer has completed. That is at the end of 6 months. But that not happened.

Since mobile communication is a lucrative market in India, more and more people want high quality services. So this unique selling point has became success. Jio provided what people wanted for less money.

Jio is on the room to plan to launch Jio 5G network and surely will be the first 5G network provider in India.

Cheap and Best

For the first 6 months, Jio has given all the subscribers the full best ever mobile network services. They have enjoyed all these services they have offered. Till they have bought the Jio connection, they have used the comparatively low speed 3G network for high price from other competitive networks.

Now they have liked the services. and within 6 months, the Jio SIM has became their main number since all they have used that number for voice calling purposes.

Proper Use of Technology

Non-VoLTE technology has ended. It is the time to switch to VoLTE technology. Do you know what is the biggest features of the VoLTE (Voice over long term evolution) technology.

It required only lowest resources to provide a better services. since the voice packets are transferred along with internet data packets rather than traditional signal system, This is very cheap for the company to bring voice calls over internet.

Premium Apps Free

This is one more reason why Jio has succeeded in their business. Along with the high quality mobile network, they have developed a bunches of Jio apps for android and iOS smartphones. These apps are closely related to the other services that are premium in nature.

I can say a simple example is that, there are so many applications are available to watch tv channels on the smartphone with a premium subscriptions. For example, Hotstar, SonyLive etc are that kind of application. So what if a user getting these services for free when they have an active data plan of Jio. So the customers will get the services for free, and the user will always do recharge with Jio. So user can be able to save the premium charges they are paid with other applications.

The applications Jio has launched are JioTv app, JioCinema app, JioCall, JioSwitch, MyJio, JioSaavn Music app, JioNews,Jiopages etc.

Partnership With Other Brands to provide better service

To get succeeded in all the areas, they have then partnership with other biggest rands in Inida. To provide tv channels streaming legally, they have put sign with the biggest tv networks in India, and with hotstar too.

In addition, Jio in partnership with other biggest brands in India, presenting AI based Jioengage platform where Jio users can make use of online game, quiz etc to win exciting Jio offers for free. Thus with the help of Jio, they can promote their brand on millions of Jio audience.

Supported Products

This is somewhat a biggest idea. Jio has launched  some other product in the industry. The wireless router is one among them. There were a biggest issue that the lack of good wireless router. There were a lot of in the product. But all they lack of speed since all they are using 3G or 2G network. Jio has launched the JioFi wireless router in the market with the full JioFi admin management setup.

Conclusion on business model of Jio

In short if you want to succeeded in business, you can follow the jio business model and strategy. unique selling point, just keep it in mind that provide uniqueness in product or servicess, and there will be great demand for your business.

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