What Is Jio EasyGov – All That You Need To Know

Jio EasyGov:- Want to know projects of government that matches your eligibility criteria and life situation. If you are a MyJio users of reliance Jio, there is one spot to know all the schemes and plans of government of various states and India that you can get. Get all the details of schemes and plans in a single tap. Here in this post, I am going to show you what is Jio easyGov, how to access on it to know different schemes and plans provided by various government.

What Is Jio EasyGov?

Jio EasyGov is the integrated service on MyJio app of government of India projects to empower people. Via MyJio app, users can know all the projects and welfare delivery. easyGov is an independent platform. But Jio EasyGov is the platform that deliver all the schemes of government provided by EasyGov Via MyJio application interface.


Single platform to know all schemes for people.

Set Up Your profile on Jio EasyGov

You need to add your profile to EasyGov Via MyJio app to see more and more details on your eligible schemes. For this, you need to enter your name, age range, state, your status on ration card like APL (Above poverty line), BPL (below poverty line) details, etc. When you fill up with there details, you profile will show you all those government schemes associated with your profile information. So that you can make use of the information and grab your rights from government.

Chose your preferred language:- Jio EasyGov allows you to select your preferred language to know the content on easyGov app.

How To Access Jio EasyGov in MyJio app?

open myjio app on your smartphone. Then tap on more tab on top right corner of your application. Then you will get list of options under MyJio mini app, chose Jio EasyGov from there.



Then enter necessary information on the box provided and save your profile. There is profile completed percentage available, when adding more your details, your profile completion percentage will increase accordingly.

You can save your schemes under “my schemes” tab

Under that there is a special tab called “projects for you”, you can see all the programmes like prime minister employment generation program etc. when click on the project, you can read all the details regarding the program to grab that scheme for you.

Official website of easygov

Official website of wasygov found at here https://www.easygov.co.in/

Jio Digital Life as a project of EasyGov

Jio digital life is a project of EasyGov platform. In association with Easy Gov, MyJio providing their service in an easy way. Thus millions of users can get the service details, how to apply for a government project that suitable for the profile created etc.

Jio easyGov is also available on all Jio phone running on Kai OS operating system. scheme discovery option is one of the main features on Jio EasyGov.

Thousands of People of Jio users are checking eligibility, knowing benefits and application details daily in less than a minute.

jio easygov partnership

Video on EasyGov


Do not miss any opportunity and grant from government if you are eligible for that. We are missiong such opportunity without knowing the details and knowledge. Jio EasyGov is the perfect platform to get updated with all schemes and projects from government, also providing step by step procedures to apply for them etc.

If you have any queries related  to Jio EasyGov platform, shoot a comment here in comment box, we will reply you as soon as possible.

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