Will Jio SIM Work In 3G Phone?

Will Jio SIM work in 3G phone? The old model smartphone users are still asking this question in order to enjoy Jio 4G network in their smartphone. The reason behind it is simply Jio provides high-quality voice calls, data services, etc with a very affordable amount.

Will Jio SIM work in 3G phone?

The answer is “NO”. Jio SIM will now work in 3G phones and the SIM is specifically designed For VoLTE enabled smartphones. since Jio has launched for giving better service experience with 4G VoLTE (Voice Over Long Term Evolution) network, there is no chance of working it with a 3G Non-VoLTE smartphone.

Just using common sense, Jio SIM will not work with 2G mobile too. You even don’t get any signal bar on your mobile phone. Will see just a blank in the signal bar like there is no inserted SIM.

What makes Jio SIM differ from others?

Jio SIM only works with VoLTE enabled smartphones. If you have a smartphone having two sim slots. One is a VoLTE slot and another one is the Non-VoLTE slot. Then when you put the SIM on the Non-VoLTE slot. it won’t work. So you need to put in the right VoLTE sim slot in order to enjoy Jio 4G network.

Earlier all smartphones have come with two slots with slot one being VoLTE and slot 2 being Non-VoLTE. But that has changed, so almost all the newly launched smartphones are now both sim slots are VoLTE featured.

Note:- Believe it or not, even both slots are VoLTE featured, I am experiencing a little bit of good performance when I am inserting Jio SIM on slot one in my smartphone. So you can insert your Jio SIM on slot one to enjoy a few services like Jio internet speed, Jio signal boost, etc. By justifying this myth, you may have received a text message from your service providers to force you to put their SIM in slot one.

One another factor that makes Jio SIM different from other service providers is that All the jio apps will only work if and only if the network is under Jio SIM. You can’t use Jio apps with the other service provider’s network even if they are providing a 4G network.

So in short, Jio SIM and services are designed and developed keeping in mind that no loophole is there to use together with any other service providers.

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Is there any possible method to use Jio SIM on 3G mobiles?

Jio needs all kinds of users in India. So have developed some more devices and services. For those people who are using 3G smartphones and have not yet upgraded to 4G smartphones, Jio has one simple wireless wifi router that can use Jio SIM and can enjoy 4G voice calls in 3G and 2G smartphones. For this, users want to download the JioCall apk and install it on their smartphone and after configuration, those 3G phone users can make high-quality Jio video calls and voice calls, using complimentary Jio apps, etc.

Steps are Here:-

  • Buy the best JioFi wifi device and Jio SIM
  • Insert Jio SIM on the sim slot of the device.
  • Recharge any Jio plan
  • Install the JioCall app on your 3G smartphone
  • Connect your 3G phone with a Jio device via wifi
  • now open the Jiocall app, and configure using a WiFi device
  • you will get OTP and after that give all the permissions
  • after complete configuration open the JioCall app
  • Open Dialpad, and select any contacts from the list and make a call Via the Jio Voice call application

This is the absolutely simple and possible way to use Jio SIM along with a 3G smartphone in an indirect way. You need to port the JioFi device along with your 3G smartphone for this.


Directly just inserting Jio SIM on a 3G phone will never work and can’t use Jio SIM. But using JioFi wireless device is possible. if you can’t afford to buy a costly 4G or 5G smartphone, just buy a JioFi device (ranging from 999 INR to 2500 INR ) model and buy a Jio SIM and use it. Enjoy the Jio network, you will surely love the service.

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