Will Kerala KFON Broadband launch, Offers, Plans Affect JioFiber Business

Kerala Government is on the way to launch the new broadband service called KFON in coming month. A fiber optics broadband network that have high speed internet for people in kerala. We are going today, Will KFON launch, offers and price compete with Jio broadband service. will Kfon launch affect JioFiber business in Kerala. Let’s loot what the experts are saying about this.

What is KFON?

KFON is new broadband internet service which is going to launch soon under government of kerala. KFON stands for kerala fiber optics network. Almost all the steps are completed to launch KFON in kerala by the government. This broadband network is based on fiber optics cable and definitely should have high speed internet as like JioFiber broadband network.

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KFON Launch Date

KFON broabband service will launch by the government of kerala in February 2021. The full steps has completed to launch soon. KFON will commission in february and will launch immediately after commission process has completed. The first channel for the kerala fiber optics has completed in between trivandrum and palakkad. Since the K-FON project was started by the current kerala government, and will start the K-FON service immediately since after couple of months, there is assembly election will takes place in kerala.

KFON plans and Offers

KFON plans and offers are still not available. since the project was carried out by the kerala government, and started the process to provide the best and high speed fiber optics for low cost, we can expect the offers, plans and price of KFON is very low when compared to other service providers in private sector.

We will update more about KFON plans, offers ,  price after the service launch.

Government of kerala strated the project to aim to provide the free broadband internet to the all kerala government offices and for the people of Below poverty line in kerala. So the Above poverty  line people in kerala will get the broadband service for low cost.

KFON and JioFiber Comparison

As JioFiber aka JioGigaFiber providing low cost internet service with the fiber optics, it is very fun to get compare JioFiber with KFON service. But whatever the comparison done and when we found the benefit in KFON, the only kerala people will get the benefit from KFON.

As KFON not launched yet and the offers are still unavailable, we will give the comparison table as soon as possible.

Will KFON affect JioFiber Business – What experts are saying

KFON launch will never affect any business of JioFiber. How? Since Kerala FON not a self boradband service provider, instead they bring the internet service Via fiber optics with the help of other service providers in India. So there will not be any issue with JioFiber business service – experts are saying.

The aim of KFON is to build a solid network of fiber optics and thus Via other service providers, provide the fast internet in all over the kerala, even in the hardest place to reach. So KFON will work in association with other network service providers. And since having a strong foundation for Jio in kerala, KFON will helps to increase their business too.

More over Kerala have only a small portion of Jio business, so not will affect in any manner when launch.

Resource:- Manoramaonline

How Kerala fiber optics Beneficial for Kerala Governmet?

Government can save a huge amount when they are getting free internet for the kerala government office. Kerala government can avoid the leads internet connection and thus can save. Over 30000 kerala goverment offices and schools will get high speed internet under the project.


This will be a best offers for kerala people. This service will be as same as like JioFiber and optics. There are no any other details such as KFON TV like Jio GigaTv and other services. we will update the post after the kfon launched and started service.

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