How To Update JioFi Firmware [JioFi Software] To Latest Version [2023]

Update Jiofi firmware: Software installed on Jiofi wireless device to manage all its activities is called Jiofi firmware. Jiofi firmware is also known as Jiofi software. There are a lot of benefits while we are updating the firmware to the latest version available. Here in this post, I am going to show you how to upgrade Jiofi firmware to the latest version manually and automatically.

JioFi firmware update on all JioFi devices such as JioFi 2, JioFi 3, JioFi JDR 740, and all other models is the same. There we need to upgrade to the latest version in order to get all security, speed, etc.

Benefits of upgrading JioFi Firmware

If you haven’t updated JioFi software after buying JioFi2 and JioFi 3 before 2019, the Pre-installed version of JioFi firmware is PEG_M2_B20. Which shows some issues with the JioFi router hardware device. Here is the benefit when you update Jiofi software to the latest version

  • Device overheating can be reduced
  • Improve internet speed
  • the Red signal issue can be fix
  • You can manually manage DNS
  • Automatic APN settings etc

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from Where can you download Jiofi firmware?

You need not download the firmware directly to your personal computer, instead, when you try to upgrade Via the Jiofi admin login panel, You will get the list of all versions of JioFi software and the latest version there. Each time you log in with the JioFi admin login, the JioFi device will automatically check for the new version.

Unfortunately, there is no official source to download JioFi’s latest version. Jio currently not providing any web page or download page to get the new version of JiFi software.

Important Note:- Your JioFi device battery charge should be above 50% when you are trying to upgrade JioFi software. The device should not be turned off during the software update process going on.

Also, make sure, your connected computer has power backup (With UPS or should have sufficient battery charge when you are using a laptop)


Automatic update

Since you cannot download JioFi software from any official link, your JioFi firmware will automatically be updated to the latest version. when you turn on the Jiofi router and log in to the Jiofi admin dashboard, your current installed JioFi software itself checks for the latest version firmware. If a new version update is there, your JioFi router will automatically be updated to the latest version software.

Always keep a backup of the configuration on your personal computer. If you are experiencing any technical errors after the JioFi software update, you can re-install the backup to downgrade to the previous version.

How to check your JioFi software is updated automatically?

upgrade jiofi firmware version

When you log in to the JioFi admin panel, always keep an eye on the JioFi firmware version displayed under “update JioFi firmware”. when your version is PEG_M2_B20, which is the installed version. And when you log in after some days and log in to Jiofi device admin, check the version. If there is an update, you can see the updated version number. PEG_M2_B38.2 is now the latest version. In this M2 denotes the router device model. My Jiofi router is M2 black. That is why I can see the version number like this.

How To Update JioFi Firmware Software Manually

  • Connect your computer and JioFi router over JioFi WiFi
  • Open any web browser and login http://jiofi.local.html with “administrator” as username and password.
  • Find the settings tab on the top bar of the interface, click on it.
  • You can see the “firmware upgrade” tab on the left side of the page. Click on it.
  • Then find the firmware file, click on the “Browse” button
  • Select the latest version from the drop-down menu, which will be the first file when popping up the drop-down menu
  • select and then click on apply button
  • wait for some time to complete JioFi firmware update. Your device will reboot automatically whenever complete JioFi firmware update


It is always beneficial to keep updating JioFi firmware whenever a new version is available. It helps to improve the overall efficiency of the device as well as helps to protect from any hardware malfunctioning. Jiofi firmware unlock is not possible, so you cannot use any other service provider’s SIM card with JioFi wireless device.

If you have any queries related to the Jiofi wifi router software update, please ask us.

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