Jio DTH – Plans, Price, Booking, Registration Details 2023

Jio DTH is the most awaited service in India now since people expect high-quality DTH service from the Reliance Jio group. This is because now millions of users are enjoying the best and most cheap mobile services from Jio. So the people exciting to know about the DTH service from Jio. The offers, plans, recharge options, price of set-top box, online registration and booking, etc. From the Jio help desk, we have some of the information available regarding the launch in India and are here to share it with our audience.

We are covering almost all the information, and updating the news from the Jio Desk.

JIO DTH – An Introduction

Jio DTH is the direct-to-home tv channel service (Dish tv service) that is going to be launched soon from Reliance Jio. This service is somewhat similar to other DTH services in India. As you know, this has a Dish antenna to receive signals directly from the air and one set-top box or receiver to receive signals and convert them to the channels to watch on our television.  We expect to launch in the middle of 2022. Let’s wait for the launch soon.

Although there are so many similar services in the market like Airtel, sun DTH, tata sky, dish tv, etc. Jio aims to get the top spot in the market within a short time after launch. They analyze DTH services in India have still scope. And people looking for alternatives to the current service providers, because they are costly when compared to the traditional cable tv networks they were used before. So Jio aims to get millions of customers by providing high-class DTH service at an affordable price. Sure Jio’s DTH will be affordable DTH in India.

Jio DTH Launch Date, Online Registration For booking (Set-Top Box & Dish Antenna)

Now everyone is eagerly waiting for the launch date of the Jio DTH service in India. Still, the fruitful features, plan, pricing, and other benefits of Jio’s DTH are unknown. but people are sure to be very affordable with its best features. And the service will be much more beneficial than other competitors. That’s why many people are waiting for its launch.

Launch Date

From Jio, we have news that the Jio DTH service will be launched soon and will be after the month of December 2022. There was a little bit of confusion about the new rules and regulations by the Telecom Regulation Authority Of India (TRAI), and by confirming the rules, Jio will decide how can their DTH service be available for the users as cheaply as possible. Now it’s far days since TRAI announced new rules on the DTH sector In India, So we can expect anytime that Jio will launch their DTH service for People in India. And From the close desk from Jio, They will launch in July or August.

Online Registration And Booking

As the DTH service is planned to get launched all over India, There may not a chance to get it distributed via online registration and booking unlike smartphones (can be able to book newly launched smartphone models online). We have news and information that Jio DTH will be available to the end-users from the special Dealers.

So we don’t think so Jio will open online registration and booking for the end-users, instead, they will call for the dealerships to be the Jio DTH sub-dealers to distribute the Jio dish antenna and set-top box for the users.

So whatever the online registration for dealers and customers, Jio will announce the link to get their online registration done close to the date of the launch.

For Online booking and registration for the customers, we will update the link when it is available. Stay tuned with us. If the Link is available for the dealership online registration, we will update the link too here.

Jio D2H – Dish And Receiver

It is a long since Jio first announced that they have a plan to launch DTH in India. A few months after that announcement, there were leaked images of the dish antenna and receiver. Both the antenna and receiver look like what we are using now. almost exactly the same size. That’s very common in all the services, but the people only look for their service, offers, support, etc.

Unlike other DTH service providers’ antennas, the Jio antenna has its own stand (3 legs) to get the antenna placed on a plane surface. We can remove it according to our way of fixing the antenna.

Jio Set Top Box Feature, launch, And Specifications

Jio set-top box or simply Jio receiver for the DTH is a small box that has some best features. Along with the set-top box, you will get a remote controller. Apart from having a feature to receive the signals, Jio set-top box has some special technical features. Here are the Jio set-top box features available.

  • USB connectivity is available on Jio set-top box. You will have a USB port on the set-top box so that you can connect external storage to play movies, videos, music, etc
  • .HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) Post available on the back side of the set-top box for Android box connectivity.
  • WiFi – Dual Band IEEE802.11n 2.4 GHz (2×2) / IEEE 802.11ac 5GHz (2X2) Interface available.
  • Jio Set-top box has LAN compatibility. The device has an ethernet port that connects to the broadband network.

Jio Set Top Box and dish Expected Price

The price of the set-top box and receiver was unknown now and can expect up to 2000INR for both. Besides the set-top box and dish antenna, the user will get an adapter and remote controller.

The installation charge may be free if you purchase from the Jio dealer or you may pay a very low amount for that and the price may be up to 500INR.

Jio DTH Plans, Offers, And Price, Monthly Plan

We can expect a welcome offer from Jio in its DTH service when it is launched. The welcome offer may be a free subscription of all package channels for 3 – 6 months from the purchase date but will be offered for a limited time. So make sure to buy the DTH when it is launched.

You have to buy a Dish antenna and set-top box for the first time, and they may give you a welcome offer, so need not recharge for that. when the welcome offer expired, you can recharge according to your plan. [Welcome offer is not valid information, but we have got news from the desk related to the Jio, There may be or may not welcome offer, all the decisions will be made Jio

All Jio Plans and Pricing

Jio names each and every plan according to the price, channel availability, etc. We have information that Jio has plans ranging from low to high plans. You can recharge for one month to 1 year. You will get a discount on recharge of high value aka if you are recharged for one month. that will be beneficial for your customers, but can be able to choose your convenient plans. The Below, table finds your Jio DTH plan and price for monthly, 3 months, 6 month, or 12 months plans.

1-month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months packages are also available. Jio DTH bronze package, silver package, silver plus, gold, and platinum packages are available.


Make Your Own Plan

Now according to the TRAI new rules (Best Fit Plan) and regulations on DTH services that are announced a couple of months ago, you can create your own channels list that you wish to buy in your package. The main benefit of this rule is that you can include your favorite channels in the channels list by excluding other channels that you no longer need. So you can make a list of your favorite channels in the package.

If you want to add HD-quality channels, they can also be available to add to the list. For the HD channels, the price of the channel will be a little bit more than the standard definition of the same channel.

How To Set My Own TV channels List?

You can set your favorite channels in your plan. Jio will give you access to set the channels via the Jio set-top remote controller, Via a web portal, or Via a mobile app. Jio already launched Jio Giga tv where the tv channels are distributed Via Fiber optics. this service is available with the Jio GigaFiber FTTH broadband network. If you have installed the Jio tv apk on your android, just see how many channels are available. We can expect those 700+ channels.

What you need to do is, when you are setting channels via remote, you can make a tick mark on the channels list available and save the list.

If you are making your favorite channels list on your computer using a web browser or mobile application, you need to sign in or log in with your Customer ID (Digit Numbers given by the retailer/dealer or you can find the number at pressing the menu button on remote). When you sign in, you will get the one-time password to enter the portal on your registered mobile number. Using sign-in, proceed to make your channels list and save the list. The pack will be activated immediately.

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Jio Giga tv plans, price, offers & Launch

Channels List And Channels Categories

Jio has in its DTH service the channels from all the big and small channels networks in India. They have in tie-up with international channels network to offer international channels too. So you can enjoy both Indian channels and international channels with Jio’s DTH.

Channel Networks

The channels networks such as Star network, sun network, zee network, sony network, DD network, Etv network, and colors all are available with Jio. These channels networks have many channels in different languages all over India. All their channels are in SD and HD format available with the Jio dish tv network.

Channel Categories

Channels categories available are almost all available at present. Entertainment, movies, music, news, kids, spiritual, shopping, sports, wildlife, discovery, scientific, travel channels, etc all are available with the Jio tv DTH network. Each and every channel have assigned numbers.

International channels network also available since in India there is a huge audience base for international channels like discovery, HBO, National Geographic, etc.

Channel languages

You will get access to channels in all the languages in India available. Channels from Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Assamese, Punjabi, English, Bhojpuri, Sanskrit, Manipuri, etc are available. Make a list of channels according to your wish. Many of the channels are free, you can enjoy those channels without paying.

Should I Wait for Jio DTH Or Buy Other DTH?

Probably you may have one of the running DTH services in India. For those who are planning to have a DTH service and are currently using a local cable tv network, we recommend those to wait at least 1 – 2 months, Jio DTH will be launched then and have a good offer on DTH service. The other service users can buy the Jio DTH service after comparing the plan and pricing between them. 

So it is better to wait for the launch of this DTH service and continue with other services now. More information will be updated on this page, you can bookmark this page in order to get the most recent news.

Final Words

As Reliance Jio is now the most popular private sector company in India, already make a remarkable space in the Indian mobile and telecom market with its stunning offers and services. Having the concept that “cheap and best” most suits the Jio. This makes people very excited to wait for their new area of service. Apart from the DTH, they have broadband services, digital currency, entertainment apps, etc. Jio DTH will be very successful when it is launched. A lot of people are waiting to launch their DTH service to enjoy direct to home tv channel services.

Make sure to update this page in order to get more and more news on Jio’s DTH. We will update with more information as we get it, so stay tuned with Jio Update. And here we are happy to help you with this information regarding this topic. Bookmark us and be kept updated.

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