Jio GigaFiber Broadband – Booking, Plan, Preview Offers 2022

Jio Gigafiber is a high-speed broadband service that uses fiber optics cable that delivers data to your home, office, and business organizations. Now Internet is a part of our daily life and we use it in one way or another. Because of having high-speed internet at an affordable cost, Jio Giga fiber will be an added advantage for all those who are mostly dependent on the internet.

Here in this post, we are broadly discussing Jio fiber features, how to buy, Registration, booking, plans, offers, etc. Keep Update with this page to know more updates from Jio on Jio broadband.

What Is Jio GigaFiber? – Review

Jio Gigafiber is a high-speed broadband service that uses fiber optics cable to get deliver these high-speed data to the end-users. We know, Fiber optics is the medium for high-speed, bandwidth data transfer than all other mediums available. Using this glass fiber inside an insulated casing, Jio provides superfast broadband internet. Jio fiber broadband aims to provide high-speed data to the customers and quality service than other service providers in India.

Not only for business purposes but for full family needs, the best option is JioGigafiber. Because this has some highlights and best features that you can’t find on other broadband services. Jio ensures entertainment in combines with their other services.

Jio Gigafiber Highlights (Features)

JioGigafiber is FTTH (Fiber-to-the-home) high-speed broadband that aims at thousands of cities and almost 50 million homes around the selected cities.

  • Purely based on Optical fibers to deliver the data, so aims high-speed data.
  • The company announced the broadband speed is up to 1Gbps. They strongly own their speed will be high since using the best medium for data propagation.
  • Apart from the broadband service, the customers can enjoy the additional services using Gigafiber like IPTV, Landline service, virtual reality, Internet Of Things Etc.
  • Using their smartphone app JioCall app (Jio4GVoice is transformed to JioCall), the users can make voice and video calls via Gigafiber landline. This feature was updated to the app in its last update in July 2019.
  • You can enjoy High definition TV channels On IPTV using Gigafiber.
  • Supports Virtual Reality gaming and shopping.
  • High-quality video conferencing without any noise. JioFiber ensures 1Gbps speed, so that enjoy HD video conference calls. Supports multi-party video conferencing.

JioFiber Router

For Any Broadband, Need a router or modem. Here in the case of Jio Gigafiber, it essentially has a JioFiber Router that you will get when you buy Jio Gigafiber Connection. It is a small device having the indications as needed to have for a Broadband router.

Hassle-free installation, 4K streaming, Manage account, able to connect multiple devices, etc are the features of the JioFiber Router device. Also, you can connect to an antenna to propagate signals for the WiFi network.

JioGigaTv Set Top Box

If you wish to enjoy Ultra high definition Tv channels on your Tv, you can own a Jio GigaTV set-top box. When you install the JioGigaTv set-top box, then enjoy seamless high-quality HD channels on your TV. This service is not as same as jio tv on PC, instead, you can access it directly to your PC Via the Giga fiber broadband connection.

How To Buy JioGigaFiber?

Now you may get amazed by the competent features of JioGigafiber. Now you want to buy. Let’s look at how can you buy. If you wish, you can buy the best jiofi router that has provided with 4G speed internet.

JioGigafiber Online Registration and Booking

JioGigafiber online booking has already started. To book online, first, you have to register on their web portal. And when you sign up with the website, you can get the book through the website.

Before you book online, you have to check whether the service is available in your city. You can check the available cities list from the table below.

There is 3 steps to online book your Jio broadband connection. Here are the steps to book online.

Step 1: Open your web browser and enter their online booking address

Step 2: Enter your Address there inbox, and chose the button below if it is for home or business. The address can be set via google map. and then enter Confirm Button.

Step 3: On the next page, you need to give some details like your Name, Phone Number, and E-mail, Accept the terms and conditions and then generate OTP. After generating OTP, enter and proceed. Done. you have successfully Booked the JioGigafiber.

JioFiber Launch Date

Jio GigaFiber was already launched in august 2019. But Jio dth service was not launched along with that as they informed. Now many people looking for the launch of the FTTH fiber broadband service from Jio. Many people planning to shift to the Jio, from their current service providers expecting much more value and reduced cost on broadband. The first purchase Jio Gigafiber offers was awesome, and check it below to know more about Jio Giga fiber plans.

 All the initial steps have been completed and Live testing on the Jio broadband has been completed successfully in selected cities in India. Now we have to wait some days to get the service launch. The launch date is not been officially announced, but we can expect the launch in July or August. Get ready to enjoy the high-speed internet.

Jio GigaFiber Plans And Offers

As we know Jio values customers and giving the best offers for them. So people expecting the best offers in the Jio Gigafiber launch as preview offers and thereafter. Let’s look at the various offers announced.

JioGigafiber Preview Offer

Jio only announced their preview offer. Preview offer is a special offer since its launch. After the launch, they will publish more offers in different plans and prices.

As a preview offer, JioGigaFiber gives you 100 GB of data at a speed of 100Mbps for 90 days duration. So you will get a total of 300 GB of data. In addition, you will get access to Jio’s premium apps as complementary.

There are 3 steps to online book your Jio broadband connection. Here is the steps to book online.

what to do if you exceed 100 GB of data in a month? , If you exceeded 100 GB within one month, you can recharge extra top-up, and recharge can be done via the MyJio app or their official website

No installation charge is required, but you need to pay Rs 4500 as a refundable amount as a security deposit for the ONT devices (for Giga hub home gateway). You can use debit, credit cards, Jiomoney, or Paytm as payment methods.

No other plans, offer announcements from Jio, and after launch and during running preview offers, Jio announces accordingly.

You need not worry about the security deposit of 4500INR, when you discontinue on the Jio Giga fiber, when you return the Giga fiber gateway devices in working condition, they will refund you the amount.

Cities In India available Jio Gigafiber For First Selected

As Jio broadband is available not all over India, but in some cities, here is the list of all cities that offer Jio Giga fiber broadband services. You can check the list and know whether you can get their service in your city.

Here is the first selected cities to test and launch the Giga fiber, and there are more cities Jio Giga fiber available will update, and Jio planning to have 1600+ cities to offer soon. There are 1600+ jio gigafiber available cities in India.

Note that this is the list that are selected for testing and launch, if you not found you city means that service is not launch there, check updated list of cities we will provide list.

How GigaFiber Different from other Service Providers

We already discussed the features/ highlights of Gigafiber. We then need to highlight its features or the benefit when compared to other broadband service providers in India. There are so many service providers, but having limited features and offers when compared to the announced features and offers of JioFiber. That’s why many people eagerly waiting for the launch of Jio broadband. You can manage JioFiber yourself. How? Just link Jio gigafiber with MyJio app, and manage recharge, balance check, offers check, etc.

Technical Comparison

Excellent Ultra high speed: Since Jio broadband announced a speed of up to 1Gbps, while other service providers provide only 100Mbps speed. if you are using Gigafiber in your large home or office, use JioExtender wifi mesh to boost WiFi signal and eleiminate wifi dead zones.

GigaTv set-top box: No other service providers provide Internet TV like GigaTv and set-top box with their broadband. The service providers like Airtel, BSNL have broadband service but they not providing internet TV along with their broadband. Years ago, BSNL declared Cable TV with the BSNL landline, but still not been implemented.

High-Quality Fiber Optics: Since Fiber optics is the super-most medium for the data transfer now available in the world, Jio gives a try on it and is the implementation of Gigafiber internet. While other service providers, still on cable wire to provide broadband, and that’s why they can’t provide such speed on their broadband.

Offers comparison

We already know the preview offer Jio announced for the purchase customers. And the different plans will be announced later. It is an amazing offer “Preview offer” which is the best plan that is available now in the Indian Broadband market. So users can expect awesome offers for long-term and short-term plans from Jio immediately launching Gigafiber.

The competitive brands like Airtel, BSNL, etc giving 50 GB data for one month for 600-800 INR. This is little bit costs as compared to the Jio Gigafiber. But don’t know how the offer changes after a tight competition when Jio Introduced their broadband. Some offers showing unlimited usage, but after a limit, they will reduce the speed.

But the offers may differ in different areas or cities in India.

GigaFiber Customer Care and Helpline Numbers

You can now contact  Jio customers support and can ask your doubts yourself.

Here is the Toll-Free Number to get connect to Gigafiber Customer support


This is the initial Number, when close to launch, you can contact me via email, phone, live chat, etc.

Final Words:

Now it’s time to register online and book your JioGigafiber connection. it’s time to say bye to traditional broadband connection providing low-speed internet. Enjoy the features supported by FTTH and fiber optics-enabled broadband. what kind of customer you are, this will be an advantage. If you pursue business and want a high-speed internet connection to save time, increase productivity and thus increase your business, Gigafiber will be the best option. We will update more on the service on our website. If you like this article, then don’t hesitate to share it on social media.

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